Animal Alliance of Canada Press Release


23 Liberal Senators Vote To

Kill Animal Cruelty Legislation



23 Liberal cowards hide behind the age old political

excuse – “needs more discussion”, in a shameful

attempt to kill Bill C-10(b) by talking it to death!



Friday, November 7, 2003:  Yesterday 23 Liberal Senators voted against their own government’s bill – Bill C-10(b).  As a result, perpetrators like those who stabbed and tortured a “stray” cat called Kensington for 20 minutes, then skinned her alive on video cannot be charged for animal cruelty under current animal cruelty laws!


Because she was not an “owned” animal, the law which has not been amended for 110 years, provides no protection for animals like Kensington.


Apparently 23 Liberal Senators think the existing animal cruelty legislation which was passed in the late 1800s and which does not recognize animal sentience, is OK for the 21st Century.


Apparently 23 Liberal Senators think that unless an animal is “owned”, the animal deserves no protection from cruelty and abuse.


Apparently the 23 Liberal Senators do not care that their own government spent seven years consulting on this piece of legislation and amending it to address concerns from animal use industries and animal protection groups. 


These 23 Liberal Senators do not care about protecting animals from cruelty.  They behaved in a shameful and appalling manner when they voted for the amendment to refer the Bill back to Committee.


We are not giving up the fight.  We are not going to go away.  We are going to make sure that every Liberal Senator who voted against Bill C-10(b) is continually reminded about the animals who are subjected to criminal acts and remain unprotected as a result of the Senators vote.


We are calling upon all the 23 Liberal Senators to reverse their position and vote for the passage of Bill C-10(b).


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For further information please call Liz White, Director, Animal Alliance of Canada, 416-462-9541 (23) or 416-809-4371 (cell) and Barry MacKay, Animal Protection Institute, 905-472-9731, Anne Gibson, Toronto Coalition for Anti-Cruelty Legislation, 416-504-4310 (p).



The 23 Liberals who voted

to refer Bill C-10(b) to Committee

(all these numbers are 613 area code)




Senator Lise Bacon                              995-6194

Senator George Baker                          947-2517

Senator Michel Biron                            992-0923

Senator John Bryden                            947-7305

Senator Thelma Chalifoux                     943-0445

Senator Maria Chaput                          943-2435

Senator Ione Christensen                      996-5937

Senator Anne Cools                             992-2808

Senator Eymard Corbin                        996-8485

Senator Jane MarieCordy                     995-8407

Senator George Furey                          943-7805

Senator Aurélien Gill                             943-7851

Senator Céline Hervieux-Payette           947-8008

Senator Serge Joyal                              943-0434

Senator Jean Lapointe                           992-0166

Senator Shirley Maheu                          947-2212

Senator Wilfred Moore                         947-1921

Senator Landon Pearson                       947-7134

Senator Lucie Pépin                              996-1726

Senator Gerard Phalen                          996-4680

Senator Nick Sibbeston                        943-7790

Senator Herbert Sparrow                     996-5994

Senator Charlie Watt                            992-2981