Animals Seized from the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre

(See photo below) 


Ř      34 raccoons

Ř      5 skunks

Ř      1 fox

(Note: 4 skunks and the fox were seized from an OCWC foster family’s home)



To the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources these animals are simply numbers and disposable ones at that. To the members of the public who rescued the animals and whose families called daily to see how they were doing along with the student interns and volunteers who devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort to give these young animals a second chance, each of them were special.


Raccoon – Male –   Received at 9 weeks of age - Survived a fall from the

                                roof of the Civic Centre and, with a great deal of care,

                                fully recovered from serious head injuries


Raccoon – Male –   Received at 10 weeks of age – Rescued from a vat of

                                grease behind a restaurant on Elgin Street by a waitress

                                who observed this young orphan for almost a week

                                trying unsuccessfully to survive on his own


Raccoon – Female –Received as a very tiny 2.5 week old – Accidentally

                                smoked out of a chimney in Nepean where she fell into

                                the fireplace hearth, covered in soot and suffering from

                                smoke inhalation – had great difficulty in breathing


Fox – Female       -  Found on the property of a volunteer in Lanark who

                                raised and bottle fed the tiny 5 week old fox.  It should

                                never have been taken as it came from that property and

                                would have been ready for release there a month or so

                                after it was seized. It was a purely punitive action on the

                                part of MNR that has meant, instead of being released

                                last September, the young fox has been held in a

                                research facility for almost 8 months and has likely

                                become habituated


These are two of the 34 raccoons seized from the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre: