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Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre launches new website for detailed information on ALL wildlife concerns

The Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre is pleased to announce that it launched, appropriately on Earth Day, April 22nd, a new web site www.wildlifeproblems.ncf.ca.  It provides comprehensive information on dealing with a wide range of wildlife concerns and is based on the Centre's 15 years of experience in caring for over 10,000 orphaned and injured wild mammals and responding to more than 100,000 calls in helping people resolve wildlife problems in a humane and effective manner. The Centre is working with community and regional media to ensure that articles like the one below guide people to the Website before they take an action, particularly during the wildlife birthing season. The Centre is producing a series of articles that deal with seasonal wildlife concerns.


Wildlife Tips from the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre

Check www.wildlifeproblems.ncf.ca for safe, effective solutions

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April 2006 - Every year, thousands of orphaned baby animals are left to die when people trap and relocate a nursing mother, block her access to an attic or soffit or remove her babies in the hope that she will take them some place else.

The spring is a challenging time for a mother - cold, rain, high winds and predators force females to seek out shelter in attics, soffits, chimneys and under steps as a safe spot to have their young when the newborn babies are most vulnerable.

Remember, the good news is that it is a TEMPORARY situation. The safest and most humane option during the birthing season from April to July is to give a brief grace period until the babies are weaned and coming out with mother which is when the family will move to a natural area. You can then undertake the necessary animal-proofing.

It is also in a homeowner's best interest to resist taking wildlife problems into their own hands as abandoned hungry babies in an attic are often in inaccessible areas and can fall between walls, requiring expensive drywall removal or, if they are under steps, die and create bad and long-lasting smells.

Never risk barricading an animal as they can cause damage in trying to get back to their young or in trying to escape. Do not smoke an animal out of a chimney. Babies would not be able to escape and you could cause a chimney fire.

Even wildlife removal companies that say they offer a humane service can give you no guarantee they won't end up creating orphans and, with limited help for wildlife, it is wise not to take this risk. Besides, it is illegal under the Ontario Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act to relocate any wild animal beyond 1 kilometer from where it was found which makes trapping quite pointless.

Research all your options before taking action. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep this website - www.wildlifeproblems.ncf.ca - handy for all your wildlife concerns or questions throughout the season.


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