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Cormorants get their say in the by-election

Liberals “culled” from Hamilton East

May 14, 2004, Toronto:  The coalition of organizations opposed to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources cormorant slaughter on High Bluff Island in Presqu’ile Provincial Park celebrates the defeat of the Liberal candidate, Ralph Agostino in the Hamilton East by-election.

Environment Voters, the political arm of Animal Alliance of Canada paid for radio ads, asking people not to vote for the Liberal candidate and but instead support NDP candidate, Andrea Horwath.  Hamilton East voters were asked to help protect Ontario’s wildlife by punishing the Liberals for their arrogant and heavy handed decision to slaughter 6,000 cormorants.

“Environment Voters helped defeat Ralph Agostino because the sentiment expressed in the EV ad mirrored the sentiment of the majority of voters of Hamilton East.”  said Liz White, Director of Environment Voters.  “Ontario Liberals called a snap by-election assuming that the Agostino name would carry the day.  They treated Hamilton East voters with the same disregard and distain as they treated the dozens of scientists and conservation organizations who opposed the cormorant slaughter because there was no scientific justification for the action.”

“The Liberals have chosen to use the cormorants for political opportunism, so we will do the same.” said White.  “We intend to make sure that the Liberals pay a price at the ballot box in every by-election for their terrible mismanagement of a native species.”

“The Liberals should ask themselves, if the Ministry will not allow cormorants to nest in a bird nesting sanctuary in a provincial park, where can they nest.  “The answer to that question is just too terrible to contemplate.” said White.  “That’s why we will continue to make the Liberals pay until they stop the cull.”

For further information please call Liz White at Environment Voters:  416-462-9541 (p) or 416-809-4371 (cell)

Environment Voters Radio Ad
Hamilton East By-election

A message from Environment Voters.

Please, we urge you to vote for the NDP candidate Andrea Horwath in the May 13th Hamilton East by-election.

The Liberals, refusing to do an environmental assessment, have ordered the slaughter of 6,000 cormorants in Presqu'ile Provincial Park.

Dozens of scientific reports show there is no environmental protection reason to kill the birds. Leading scientists are opposed to the slaughter. The Liberals are ordering the unnecessary and cowardly killing of 6,000 animals because they believe it will give them some local political advantage.

Killing animals for no other reason than it's good politics is wrong.

Please, use your vote to punish the Liberals, and tell all politicians that environmental and wildlife protection must be based on science and conservation not immoral political opportunism.

Please vote for good government, and good environmental and wildlife protection policies.

Vote for Andrea Horwath, your NDP candidate.


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