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Wildlife Rehab Crisis
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Wildlife Rehab Crisis
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March 6/06
Letters needed!  New wildlife rehabilitation regulations approved by Ontario government deny humane care for wildlife. Click to send your letter to the Ontario government.

Past Alerts

April 23/05
Send a Wildlife Death Notice for orphaned wildlife that cannot be helped under the MNR's  unnacceptable rehab policy.

Jan. 29/05
New wildlife rehabilitation regulations proposed by Ontario government.  Public comment needed.

Oct. 23/04
Act now to solve wildlife rehabilitation crisis in Ontario!  Details for sending letters.  

May 25/04
Reinstate a progressive wildlife rehabilitation service in Eastern Ontario

May 25/04
Ottawa needs city-run hotline to assist residents with human/wildlife conflicts

Oct. 23/03
Municipal Election 2003 - What you can do

Sep. 17/03
Ontario Provincial Election 2003 - Candidates survey and results

May 14/03
Bring Katie Home!  Fox needs rehab, not zoo

Mar. 31/03
Return seized animals to Wildlife Centre for critical rehabilitation


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