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This section presents critical issues facing wildlife in Ontario.  Please do whatever you can to make a difference!  Click here for action tips and address lists.
Current Issues
  Ottawa's Royal Swans
  Wildlife rehabilitation crisis in Ontario
  Raccoon rabies depopulation program
Past Issues
  Ontario Parks Act
  Cormorant cull - Presqu'ile Provincial Park
  Animal cruelty Bill C-22
  Algonquin wolves at risk
  Spring bear hunt
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Wildlife Rehabilitation Crisis in Ontario

Katie the fox

"Katie" the fox
This young fox was seized from an OCWC wildlife volunteer by the OMNR in Sep /02 and kept in solitary confinement for 9 months.  Further attempts to locate her have failed.  Full story


New regulations:  restrictive and inhumane
Half way through the 2002 wildlife season the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) imposed a 1 km release restriction for all wildlife in Ontario and disallowed rehabilitation of rabies vector species (raccoons, skunks, foxes) in a large part of eastern Ontario, including Ottawa. These restrictions made it impossible to offer humane and responsible wildlife rehabilitation and resulted in the closure of the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre. More on the wildlife rehabilitation crisis issue.

Take action:  The public is outraged over MNR regulations that require orphaned and injured wild animals to be killed in Ontario. Take action to reinstate a progressive wildlife rehabilitation service in Ontario.  Details.

OMNR raccoon slaughter denounced as Ontario's shame

Raccoon in cage
Photo courtesy Mitch Smith

Over 9,700 animals killed in MNR's 'depopulation' program.  99.8% turned out to be healthy.
One of the methods the MNR has used to control raccoon rabies since 1999 is 'depopulation', a highly controversial approach whereby all rabies vector species such as raccoons, skunks and foxes are killed within a 5-kilometers radius of a positive case.  These activities have resulted in the killing of over 9,700 animals, 99.8% of which turned out to be healthy.  More on the raccoon rabies depopulation issue.


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