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Summer 2011
Sign petition to help baby wildlife in Ontario
Help Rosie and thousands of other Ontario orphaned wild animals left to die because of government regulations that outlaw humane and responsible help for wildlife.

April 2011
Stop coyote killing contests!
Tell Dalton McGuinty to enforce the law prohibiting the illegal and barbaric coyote killing contests in Ontario.
Click for details.

Past Alerts

Apr. 18/07
Letters needed after death of Ottawa beaver caught in cruel trap.  Speak out against inhumane traps and lack of wildlife help in Ontario. Click to send a letter.

Feb. 7/07
Letters needed!  Wildlife rehabilitation regulations approved by Ontario government deny humane care for wildlife. Click to send your letter to the Ontario government.

Dec. 30/06
Bam-bam returns home!  Please send a thank you to the Premier.

Dec. 13/06
Bring Bam-Bam home!  Public outcry after OMNR seizes 'domesticated' deer raised since birth.
Sign petition to bring Bam-Bam home by Christmas.

Dec. 5/06
Oppose Bill 156,  this Bill would result in mass slaughter of cormorants and killing at will.  Click to send a letter to the Ontario government.

Oct. 23/06
Support Bill 154, The Regulation of Zoos Act.  This Bill would require all Ontario zoos to comply with professional animal welfare and public safety standards.  Click to send letter or circulate a petition.

August 15/06
Ottawa's Royal Swans need your help!
Photos show dismal living conditions. Click to send sign-on letter to City Council.

June 18/05
Letters from all over the world criticize Ontario Liberals for allowing orphaned baby wildlife to die.  Click to send your letter!

April 23/05
Send a Wildlife Death Notice for orphaned wildlife that cannot be helped under the MNR's  unnacceptable wildlife rehab policy.

Jan. 29/05
New wildlife rehabilitation regulations proposed by Ontario government.  Public comment needed.

Dec. 8/04
Provincial wolf conservation strategy proposed by Ontario government.  Public comment needed by January 4, 2005.  Please click to send letter NOW!

Oct. 23/04
Act now to solve wildlife rehabilitation crisis in Ontario!  Details for sending letters.  

Oct. 11/04
Save Ontario Parks!
Help us achieve a strong law to protect our parks. Please fill out online survey or submit written comments by Nov. 8, 2004

Oct. 5/04
Urgent action needed to ensure Animal Cruelty Bill C-22 is reintroduced in parliament.

Aug. 17/04
MNR proposes to eliminate hunting of wildlife in captivity.  Public written comments needed by Sept. 15, 2004. Click for details.

Aug. 12/04
Stop the city of Ottawa from killing groundhogs in area parks.

Aug. 10/04
Please sign online petition to ban the use of chase dogs for hunting in Ontario.

Aug. 9/04
MNR proposes extended hunting for black bear and wild turkey.  Public written comments needed by Sept. 8, 2004.  Click for black bear proposal wild turkey proposal.

July 25/04
OMNR's wildlife management practices and policies endanger the health of all Ontarians.  Please forward  open letter to the Government of Ontario.

June 17/04
Ottawa City Council lobby:  Please email or phone Ottawa City councillors before June 23!   

May 25/04
Reinstate a progressive wildlife rehabilitation service in Eastern Ontario.  This is the 2nd year when thousands of baby animals have been needlessly left to suffer and die due to restrictive regulations by the MNR.

May 25/04
Ottawa needs city-run Hotline service to assist residents with human/wildlife conflicts.

May 15/04
Urgent alert!!  We need your help to watch over and protect the cormorants in Presqu'ile Provincial park.

May 11/04
Urgent action needed to make sure Animal Cruelty Bill C-22 gets back onto Government agenda

Apr. 11/04
MNR proposes two new gun seasons for deer in Eastern Ontario.  Public written comments needed by April 22.

Mar. 11/04
Massive Slaughter of Double-crested Cormorants planned for Presqu'ile Provincial Park.  Click here to send letter by April 16 and to view the Ontario Wildlife Coalition's EBR submission to MNR.

Mar. 8/04
Support Minister's plan to protect Algonquin wolves. Letters needed before April 2.

Jan. 28/04
Algonquin wolves need greater protection; province-wide conservation policy needed for all Ontario wolves.

Nov. 8/03
Call on Liberal senators to reverse position and vote for passage of Animal Cruelty Bill C-10(b).

Oct. 23/03
Municipal Election 2003 - What you can do

Sept. 29/03
Write to Ontario Liberal government to maintain ban on Spring bear hunt

Sept. 17/03
Ontario Provincial Election 2003 - Candidates wildlife survey and results

May 14/03
Bring Katie Home!  Fox needs rehab, not zoo

Mar. 31/03
Return seized animals to Wildlife Centre for critical rehabilitation


Past Alerts

March 6/06
Stop Canada's massive seal hunt! Click to send letter to Canada's new prime minister Stephen Harper.

March 6/06
Help stop aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska 

March 18/05
Stop Canada's massive seal hunt.

Urgent!!  What to do, work the phones, boycott Canadian seafood. Click to take action!

Sign Petition:  Stop Canada's Cruel and Senseless Seal Hunt!  (IFAW)

Sign Petition:  Demand justice for attacked seal protestors!

Jan. 31/05
Sign IFAW seal hunt petition:
"A Million Signatures for a Million Seals" doomed to die in Canada's commercial hunt. The Canadian government's plan to deliberately cull the harp seal herd has no scientific justification and is out of step with modern science. Sign petition to call for an end to this cruel hunt.

Apr. 6/04
Take action to save Northern Spotted Owl - only 14 left in Canada

Mar. 17/04
Help support campaign to stop aerial gunning of wolves in Alaska 

Feb. 10/04
500 calls needed for 500 grizzly bears left in Alberta


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