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Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre

The Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre mandate is to provide Public Education through school programs and Community Awareness through various events and communication strategies on wildlife issues. It is no longer able to offer a wildlife rehabilitation service but it provides a website to answer most general wildlife questions. Click here if you have a wildlife question.


Wildlife Help

Have you found a baby animal?  Is there an animal in your attic, under your step, in your chimney, eating your garden?  Please consult:

I Have a Wildlife Problem

Wildlife Tips for Spring

Orphaned Wildlife Care

How to help Orphaned Wildlife (Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary brochure)

Wildlife Rehabilitation Information (IWRC)

Locate a Wildlife Rehabilitator in your area

Important!  Check potential caregivers out very carefully - ask them how the animal will be taken care of and make sure it won't be euthanized or turned over for research purposes.

WildlifeOntario Messageboard discussion group

If would like to get involved in discussing the issues and talk about things you can do to help, please visit the WildlifeOntario Messageboard.  Everyone is welcome to join.  Share your views, read messages or just say "hello".
Note:  Messages can be viewed by the public but only members may post.

Website questions and feedback.

The WildlifeOntario website administrator will deal with technical issues pertaining to the website such as:

  • Feedback on the website.
  • Problems with the website.
  • Content you would like to see posted (letters/articles).
  • Suggestions for improvement.

Send website questions and feedback to do-not-spam-info@wildlifeontario.ca  (NOTE: please remove "do-not-spam-" from the front of this email address)

On behalf of the animals of Ontario, thank you for your interest!

Webmaster - WildlifeOntario.ca


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