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!  Send letter to free Ottawa's Royal Swans

A Victory for Ottawa's Royal Swans!!

Sept. 12/06  Congratulations! We have been successful in obtaining a resolution to the concerning issues involving Ottawa’s Royal Swans. It would not have happened without your emails, letters and phone calls to the mayor and councillors. Thank you to each and every one of you who took the time to support the swans. Please read press release for details.

» Sept. 12/06 Ottawa's royal swans to be set free - CBC News
» Sept. 12/06 Ottawa's swans may swim again - Ottawa Sun

Ottawa’s Royal Swans desperately need your help!

The City of Ottawa staff decision to keep the swans locked up this summer "to protect them from avian flu" has been uniformly criticized and ridiculed by the press and the public.  Now, recent television footage as well as photographs, also expose the very inhumane manner in which these majestic birds are being held captive for what will be an 18-month sentence. 

Please support the animal protection and environmental groups that have joined forces as a Coalition to pressure Ottawa City Council to immediately improve the swans living conditions and to ensure that they are, in fact, released next spring. Without a show of public support in advance of the Council meeting on August 23rd, this issue might not even get onto the Agenda.

» 12 photos of the Ottawa swans housing facility
» Detailed background paper on the issue.

New photos! Stratford Ontario royal swan facility
Ottawa says its royal swan facility is the "envy of other aviculture permit holders". Click here to view Stratford's royal swan facility.
You decide, if you were a swan where would you want to be?

» Ottawa Humane Society Facts on swans contested by coalition
- click for details

» Aug. 29/06 - Ottawa's swans deserve better - Ottawa Sun
» Aug. 17/06 - Coalition fights for swans’ release - Nepean EMC
» Aug. 16/06 - Group releases photos of 'Swantanamo Bay' - CBC
» Past alert with more press stories & letters

Here’s how you can help:

Please send the Sign-On Letter below. It will be sent to Ottawa City Mayor Bob Chiarelli and all 21 Councillors.

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Locked up indefinitely
Locked up indefinitely
Wings lifted show stress
Wings elevated show stress
Small weedy pens
Small weedy pens
Small filthy pools
Small filthy pools
Click for more photos

Send sign-on letter:

1. Please read the letter below.

2. If you wish, you can edit the letter and subject line to reflect your own views. Do not add blank lines between paragraphs as this will cause double spacing in the email sent.

3. Type your name in the body of the letter, underneath "I look forward to hearing from you."

4. Type your name in the box below the letter. This is required for you to get a reply.

5. Type your email address in the box below the letter. This is required for you to get a reply.

6. Click the "Send this message" button.


Please enter your full name here:

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Text of letter:

To: Mayor and City Councillors,

As a resident of Ottawa, I am deeply disturbed by the City’s unwarranted decision to keep the Royal Swans locked up this summer, resulting in what will be close to an 18-month forced confinement.

I am even more concerned now that I have seen photographs of their dismal housing conditions. Outdoor enclosures that are overgrown with shoulder high weeds, small pens and even smaller dirty pools that would not meet humane standards for even short-term care, let alone be acceptable for continuous captivity. View photos at http://wildlifeontario.ca/images/royalswans.html.

The Royal Swans were a centennial gift to the City from Queen Elizabeth II in 1967. How disrespectful to her Majesty, how embarrassing for the nation’s capital and how very sad for the swans.

I am requesting your assurance that you will provide the necessary moral leadership in supporting the recommendations from the Ottawa Royal Swan Coalition to 1) immediately improve the swans’ living conditions at the Leitrim facility 2) release the swans, as is the normal practice, in the spring or 3) if the decision is taken to not release them in the spring, then to negotiate their transfer to another city so that they can be released with that city’s resident swans.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sent to:

Bob.Chiarelli@ottawa.ca; Bob.Monette@ottawa.ca; Rainer.Bloess@ottawa.ca; Jan.Harder@ottawa.ca; Peggy.Feltmate@ottawa.ca; Eli.El-Chantiry@ottawa.ca; Janet.Stavinga@ottawa.ca; Alex.Cullen@ottawa.ca; Rick.Chiarelli@ottawa.ca; Gord.Hunter@ottawa.ca; Diane.Deans@ottawa.ca; Michel.Bellemare@ottawa.ca; Georges.Bedard@ottawa.ca; Jacques.Legendre@ottawa.ca; Diane.Holmes@ottawa.ca; Shawn.Little@ottawa.ca; Maria.Mcrae@ottawa.ca; Clive.Doucet@ottawa.ca; Peter.Hume@ottawa.ca; Rob.Jellett@ottawa.ca; Doug.Thompson@ottawa.ca; Glenn.Brooks@ottawa.ca


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