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Cormorant slaughter complete  

The shooting of Double-crested Cormorants has stopped at Presqu'ile. They have surpassed their quota of 6000 dead birds.  Now the Ministry is harassing the birds and will continue to harass them until the birds fly south again. 

Park Staff are using poles to knock nests from trees.  They don't want cormorants in the trees at all, not to nest, not to rest, not to perch, nothing. There will also use noise and other devices to scare the birds away. This is occurring while some birds are still nesting.

Twenty-five percent of the Great Blue Herons have abandoned their nests at High Bluff Island and three out of seven Black-crowned Night Heron nests are believed to have failed at Sebastapol Island.  

Ontario Parks shuts down the park for one month during the winter to kill deer, shuts down the wetlands four days every week from September to December to allow for waterfowl hunting, and now shuts down areas of the park in the spring to shoot cormorants.  

Presqu'ile Provincial Park has become a killing field and no longer safe for wildlife.  Please don't visit Presqu'ile again until Ontario Parks can appreciate the value of the park as a biological reserve.  

Thank you for your support.

!  Stop the slaughter of 6,000 cormorants in Presqu'ile Provincial Park

June 17/04  Cormorant slaughter at Presqu’ile complete; Liberals move onto Kingston Islands

June 2/04  Current Body Count: 4592 Dead Cormorants

May 26/04  Biggest one day slaughter in Ontario's history - Final tally 1083

May 25/04  More protesters arrested at Presqu'ile Provincial Park

May 22/04  Photos!  Presqu'ile Park / Cormorant Cull Photo Diary

May 22/04  Thank You For Visiting Presqu'ile, But Please, Don't Come Back!

May 20/04  Earthroots activists arrested for viewing cormorants during cull

May 21/04  Great Blue Herons abandon nests at Presqu'ile Provincial Park

May 20/04  Earthroots activists arrested for viewing cormorants during cull in Presqu’ile

May 14/04  Cormorants get their say in by-election - Liberals "culled" from Hamilton East

May 11/04  Lead shot  more polluting than bird shit - cormorant cull update

May 7/04   Coalition works with top lawyer to explore all options to end cormorant slaughter

May 6/04   Cormorant cull approved, shooting begins today

The Ontario government has decided to proceed with a cull of up to 6,000 cormorants at Presqu'ile Provincial Park, even though it has not conducted a promised environmental assessment, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay said yesterday. Full story EBR Posting.

For those individuals interested in witnessing this atrocity, please contact the Peaceful Parks Coalition at 416.537.3212 or email ppc@peacefulparks.org.

Apr. 27/04  Cormorant cull on hold while province evaluates assessment request.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources is planning to shoot up to 6000 adult cormorants beginning this month, April 2004, at Presqu'ile. Cormorant EBR Notice  (April 16th deadline).

The Ontario Wildlife Coalition has responded with a detailed EBR Submission and briefing notes to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

This is a backwards and senseless slaughter of a wild species, and the worst sort of wildlife management. Never before in Ontario has such a strategy to control wildlife been proposed.

It is urgent for you to comment on this proposal by April 16.

Send letter by mail:

Click here for letter in Word format
Click here for letter in HTML format

Send letter by email:

Click here to email the Minister (copy and paste into email, copy your local MPP)
Click here to send automated email through the Peaceful Parks Coalition

Honourable David Ramsay,
Minister of Natural Resources,
Whitney Block,
99 Wellesley St. W.,
Toronto, ON M7A 1W3
416-314-2301(phone)   416-314-2102(fax)

John Immerseel, Zone Manager,
Ontario Parks,
Southeast Zone Office,
51 Heakes Lane,
Kingston, ON  K7M 9B1
613-531-5716 (phone)  613-536-7228 (fax)


Dear Mr. Ramsay,

RE:  EBR Registry Number: PB04E6007

I am writing to ask you to stop the slaughter of 6,000 cormorants on High Bluff Island in Presqu’ile Provincial Park, scheduled to begin after April 16, 2004. 

The slaughter contravenes the very notion of a sanctuary for nesting birds.  It undermines the ecological integrity of the park, and it is appallingly destructive to the cormorants. There is no scientific or ecological justification for such a drastic measure.    

The Ministry should take a “hands off” approach to wildlife management in Presqu’ile Provincial Park, allowing cormorants and other species to impact the environment as occurs in any dynamic, healthy ecosystem.

Therefore I am asking you to take the following actions:

  1. Direct your staff to withdraw the posting – EBR Registry Number PB04E6007;
  2. Clarify that a cull is not to be used as a wildlife management tool in the nesting sanctuaries of High Bluff Island and Gull Island;
  3. Instruct your staff to stop “demonizing” cormorants in order to build a case for their mass slaughter;
  4. Implement a wildlife management programme for provincial parks based on an ecosystem approach; and
  5. Promote provincial parks as evolving and dynamic ecosystems instead of managing them as green museums frozen in time, protecting “desirable” habitat and “desirable” wildlife species for “certain aesthetic values”.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.  I urge you to act quickly to stop the slaughter of 6,000 cormorants on High Bluff Island in Presqu’ile Provincial Park.





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