Wolves Under Aerial Attack

More bad news from our staff in Alaska.

At least 100 wolves have been killed under Alaska's deadly aerial gunning program. Trophy hunters can gun down wolves from airplanes and helicopters or run the helpless wolves to exhaustion, then land and shoot them.

And now the Alaska Board of Game has expanded the program -- meaning even more wolves will be slaughtered.

We need to generate more pressure on Alaska Governor Murkowski by educating and mobilizing more Americans to stop this awful killing. Click below to see an ad we're starting to run in newspapers

You can help us spread the word by taking two actions today.

First, send a tax-deductible contribution to Defenders to help fund our advertising, public awareness and outreach efforts to save Alaska's wolves.

Second, help spread the word. Forward my e-mail or send a copy of our ad to at least three of your friends. Click here to go to a printable version of the ad.

Defenders of Wildlife Ad Campaign: Click Here to View AdIn order to reach as many people as possible, Defenders needs the immediate support of caring people like you. We need to raise $50,000 in the next 72 hours for our ad campaign.

Time is of the essence. We must act now to bring an end to the aerial gunning of wolves.

If everyone who cares about wolves and wildlife speaks up, we can end this barbaric practice and save Alaska's wolves.

Thank you for caring,

Steven DelVecchio
V.P. Membership

P.S. Thanks to caring members like you, we generated over 10,000 faxes to the Alaska Board of Game and were able to stop them from rescinding the vital wolf buffer zone around Denali National Park by a narrow margin of 4-3.


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