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! Write to Ontario Liberal government to maintain ban on Spring bear hunt

Status: closed. --  The McGuinty government announced Dec. 17/03 that they will not reinstate the Spring bear hunt.  Thank you to everyone who phoned, wrote or emailed in support of this issue.  We hope you will take a minute of your time to contact David Ramsay and thank him for maintaining the ban and to acknowledge the government's very progressive leadership.

Address your emails to:
David Ramsay, Minister of Natural Resources:  david_ramsay-mpp@ontla.ola.org

cc: the Premier:
Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario:  dalton_mcguinty-mpp@ontla.ola.org

Click for detailed contact info.

McGuinty government will not reinstate Spring bear hunt

Dec. 17/03  Government Moves to Solve Long-standing Issue of Nuisance Bears.
The McGuinty government will move to manage nuisance bears and protect Ontario communities and the natural environment, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay announced today.  MNR press release.

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Dec. 5/03  Coalition comments on the Nuisance Bear Committee's Report and Recommendations in report to David Ramsay.    Read report or click for Word document.

Nov. 12/03  Coalition of animal protection and environmental groups slam pro spring bear hunt bias of Tory Committee.  Press release.

Nov. 10/03  MNR minister Ramsay Releases Nuisance Bear Review Report.  Committee finds no evidence of a scientific link between nuisance bear activity and the Tories’ cancellation of the spring bear hunt but recommends reinstating the Spring bear hunt for socio-economic reasons.  MNR press releaseView report.

Oct. 24/03  Animal and environmental groups call on new Liberal Government to ignore the “Nuisance” Bear Panel Report!.  Press release.

Oct. 24/03  IFAW launches "Promise of Ontario" campaign to defend Premier McGuinty's commitment to ethical wildlife policies.  IFAW press release

Sept. 6/02  Ontario voters still strongly opposed to Spring Bear Hunt.  IFAW press release.

September 29, 2003

Dear Friends

Dalton McGuinty has stated in a letter to the International Fund for Animal Welfare that "Ontario Liberals support the end of the spring bear hunt in Ontario. We were deeply concerned that the hunt was leaving many cubs orphaned".

It is very concerning, however, that David Ramsay, the Liberal candidate for Timiskaming-Cochrane recently stated in response to a question in the Northern Daily News that he was in favour of re-instating the spring hunt. He said: "The decision to cancel the spring bear hunt was arbitrary, whimsical, and entirely political".

We have to realize that northern interests will speak out on these matters but we have to ensure that Dalton McGuinty recognizes that many other supporters of the Liberal Party oppose this point of view and we also want to make sure that Dalton lives up to his word on the spring bear hunt.

Howard Hampton of the NDP has been very up-front that the NDP would not support the reintroduction of the spring bear hunt. We expect no less from the Liberals.

Liberal candidates should reflect those positions taken by the Party.We have put up with years of a Tory government that continually flip-flopped on important issues.

Let McGuinty's office know of your concern and ask them to ensure that Liberal candidates reflect the position of the Party with respect to the spring bear hunt. It is important to make your views known in the few remaining days leading up to the vote:

Address your emails to:

Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario:  dalton_mcguinty-mpp@ontla.ola.org
David Ramsay, Minister of Natural Resources:  david_ramsay-mpp@ontla.ola.org

Click for detailed contact info.


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