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!  Bring Katie Home - Fox needs rehab, not zoo

May 14, 2003  Let Katie go:  IFAW and OCWC demand fox be given back to her Ottawa caregiver

Special appeal:  Bring Katie Home!
Special appeal:  Bring Katie Home!

Fox needs rehab, not zoo

This young fox was seized by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) last September from an Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre volunteer.  After keeping her in solitary confinement for 9 months, MNR now says she is too “tame” to survive in the wild and that they will place her in a zoo. Full story and photo.

What can you do?

The MNR must give Katie the chance they took away from her: to be rehabilitated, released and live a free life in the wild.  If you agree, call Norm Sterling at (613) 253-1171 or e-mail him at norm_sterlingco@ontla.ola.org and let him know that you want this fox to be given that chance and ask for a response.

Please take a few moments of your time and send a brief e-mail or phone call to Norm Sterling, and copy the others listed below.  You, your family and your friends can make the difference for Katie. 

Norm Sterling
Telephone: (613) 253-1171

Ernie Eves
Telephone: (416) 325-1941
Fax (416) 325-3745 6195

John Baird, mailbox@johnbaird.com
Garry Guzzo, garry_guzzo@ontla.ola.org
Brian Coburn, brian_coburn@ontla.ola.org
Norm Sterling, norm_sterlingco@ontla.ola.org.

We suggest also copying the following on any emails sent:
Jerry Ouellette, jerry_ouellette@ontla.ola.org
Dalton McGuinty, dalton_mcguinty-mpp@ontla.ola.org
Ernie Parsons, Liberal critic for MNR, ernie_parsons-mpp@ontla.ola.org
Richard Patten, richard_patten-mpp@ontla.ola.org.

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