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Stop the Ontario Spring bear hunt!

March 2014,  Premier Kathleen Wynne’s decision to allow a Spring Bear Hunt in Ontario will result in the death of hundreds of small bear cubs just like this one. Please send Sign-on letter to show that there is province-wide opposition to this inhumane, morally-indefensible hunt.


Campaign Closed - See Update 

Stop Ottawa's War on Wildlife!

Video:  Click here to watch the Wildlife Strategy discussion held at City Hall on July 17th, starting at 31:00 and ending around 43:00. 

May 2013,  Please send Sign-on letter to show your support for a humane Wildlife Strategy in Ottawa! It is unacceptable in the 21st century that the Nation’s Capital should be continuing to kill animals when there are progressive alternatives being used by cities throughout North America.  

Send letter to help baby wildlife in Ontario  

Help save baby raccoons like Rosie!!!

August 2011, Rosie a 5-week old baby raccoon whose mother was killed, was left to die because of government regulations. Thousands of helpless young animals like Rosie, face a cruel and unnecessary death every year because of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources regulations that outlaw responsible and humane help for wildlife, forcing many wildlife rehabilitators out of operation.

The Ministry's heartless advice to people finding an orphan is to "leave the animal there and let nature takes its course."  Please help Rosie and thousands of other Ontario orphaned wild animals by signing our petition! 
Click here to sign petition. Backgrounder.

» More on the wildlife rehab crisis


Serving the public is not on MNR's agenda

Feb. 5/07 Attacks on wildlife rehabilitators and overspending on bogus rabies programs should have politicians taking action. Kelly Egan's column demonstrates why the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources needs an overhaul from top to bottom. Full story.

» More on the wildlife rehab crisis
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Growing opposition to OMNR's policies and practices in managing wildlife

Nov. 26/06  OMNR's proposed strategies on human-wildlife conflicts have been met with a great deal of opposition. Full story.

Click to read EBR responses from:
» 11 Environmental and Animal Welfare Organizations
» Volunteer Wildlife Custodians
» Ontario Non-Hunting Landowners Association
» Ontario 4 Wildlife

Wildlife organizations respond to claims made by MNR fact sheet
» Dec. 20 - Letter to Premier McGuinty.

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Take Action!

March 2014

» Stop the Spring bear hunt!

Sign petition to help baby wildlife in Ontario
The proposed Spring bear hunt will result in the death of hundreds of small bear cubs. » Click here to show your opposition to this inhumane hunt.

August 2011
» Please sign petition!

Sign petition to help baby wildlife in Ontario
Help Rosie and thousands of other Ontario orphaned wild animals left to die because of government regulations that outlaw humane and responsible help for wildlife.  » Click here to sign petition.

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Wildlife Help

Have you found a baby animal?  Is there an animal in your attic, under your step, in your chimney, eating your garden?  Please consult:

» I Have a Wildlife Problem

» Wildlife Tips for Spring

» Orphaned Wildlife Care

» How to help Orphaned Wildlife (brochure)

» Locate a Wildlife Rehabilitator in your area

» Wildlife Rehabilitation Information (IRWC)

Important!  Check potential caregivers out very carefully - ask them how the animal will be taken care of and make sure it won't be euthanized or turned over for research purposes.

Address Lists

» MPMPP's, City councillors, media address lists


» Visit  messageboard
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Nuisance Bear Problems

» Bear Wise information

To report bear problems call:
1 866 514-BEAR
1 866 514-2327
24 hours a day / 7 days a week

Report moose poaching

» Moose Watch information

To report moose poaching call:
1-866-34MOOSE (346-6673)
24 hours a day / 7 days a week
Sept. 15 - Dec. 15, 2004

Report Resource Abuse
The new toll-free TIPS-MNR reporting line, 1-877-TIPS-MNR (1-877-847-7667), provides a direct line for the public to report resource violations to the ministry 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere in Ontario. Click for full details

Crime Stoppers

Individuals who wish to remain anonymous can report suspected illegal activities through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)


Wildlife rehabilitation under attack

Katie the fox

June 29/03  After 15 years of helping wildlife and the public with wildlife problems, the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre was forced to close because of restrictive regulations imposed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.  More on this story.

Take action

Ontario's regulations need to be changed.  
If you have been left without any help for an orphaned or injured wild animal, let your MPP know this is not the kind of province you wish to live in. Ask to be informed about what action they will take to see that these inhumane and regressive regulations, not imposed anywhere else outside Ontario, are changed. Click to take action!.

OMNR raccoon slaughter denounced as Ontario's shame

Over 9,700 raccoons, skunks and foxes killed in MNR's rabies 'depopulation' program.  99.8% turned out to be healthy.
More on raccoon rabies depopulation.

Raccoon rabies depopulation

Press release:  June 16/03  OMNR slaughter of thousands of raccoons is costly, ineffective, inhumane way to control rabies.  Read press release.


Action Central

If you are concerned about any of the issues presented on this website, you can take action to make your voice heard.  Click here for address lists of newspapers / politicians  and things you can do to help.

Share your views -- let us know what you think

We have set up a public Yahoo!Groups message board so that we can begin to build a larger community of support.   Everyone is welcome to join and to invite anyone who is concerned and / or interested.   Share your views, read messages or just say "hello". Note:  Messages can be viewed by the public but only members may post.

If you would like something posted on our website please forward to the WildlifeOntario administrator following directions on the Contact Info Page.

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